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Wed Jun 16 12:01:16 PDT 2010

We have been pretty lucky this year getting all but one race off.  
Mammoth's Race Department headed by Beat did a spectacular job of 
getting off 3 super Gs and a super combined in March in the face of 
inclement weather, with particular pride for the Far West since two of 
these were National Speed Series races with racers coming from as far 
as Colorado.  

We had such a spectacular end of the season race weekend at Mammoth 
that Mark has convinced Beat and the Mammoth race department to repeat 
next year, SG, GS, SL and dual.  The banquet at the mountain was 

As I assume the position of Past President I want to thank all of you 
that have worked so hard to make our organization the best.  Starting 
with Sam Crowell who didn't hesitate to jump in when something was 
needed and Linda who put together one of our best banquets (doesn't 
hurt to have connections at Incline Country Club). Sandy Hogan with 
lots of valuable input along with keeping our records.  Mark Smallhouse 
keeping our financial records and coming up with some great ideas for 
increasing membership.  Marcie for taking care of membership.  Ingrid 
for getting out some really outstanding newsletters.  Elizabeth and 
Mike for race coordination, a really important job.   We could not have 
operated without our two new board members.  Deb spent countless hours 
keeping our web site up to date and doing all our race calculations and 
Don Smith seeing that we had officials at all our races.  Because we 
are a USSA affiliate our officials must all be certified and that is 
Don's responsibility along with assigning them to all races.   And to 
Mark Mirviss who really had it tough.  Ski areas can be difficult to 
deal with and you never quite know till the last minute if you really 
do have a race or not.  Mark had most of our schedule set by our summer 
meeting only to find out that a few that were committed asked for a 
change and the juggling began!  Ski races are what we are about and 
Mark made it happen!  When you see Mark, tell him how really grateful 
we are to have him.  A special thanks to the crew headed by Erich Van 
Stralen who took the responsibility to get our sponsors banners up on 
the race course.  To all of you who made our parties happen a special 
thanks, Randall Susseck, John Gianotti, Mark Mirviss and Eddie Mozen.   
And I know I have probably left out a few and so please accept my 
sincere thanks.

A big thanks to Granite Chief, Lausmann Lumber, Bogle Vineyards for 
their contributions to Far West Masters.


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