[FWM News] Nominations for Open Board Positions

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Thu Mar 17 07:37:16 PDT 2011

The Far West Masters Board of Directors will have four open positions in the
upcoming fiscal year. These terms, and who currently occupies them, for a
two year period are;


VP Membership  (Marcie Pettigrew)

VP Scheduling   (Mike Braun)

VP Newsletter  (Ingrid Braun)

CTO/Webmaster  (Deb Lewis)


If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) for any of these
positions, please let me know via email by April 6th, 2011. We will present
our nominations and vote on the open board positions on April 15th at our
open board/membership meeting. This meeting will be held at Mammoth during
our season finale (time and specific location to be announced).







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