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Fri Nov 7 10:12:30 PST 2014

Race registration is now open for the 2014-2015 season! Complete information is available on the 
Season Schedule page of farwestmasters.org. You can register online at SkiRaceReg.com or print and 
mail an entry form with checks directly to the race organizer. We encourage everyone to use the 
online race registration, it's easy and reliable, no worrying about whether your entry got 
delivered by mountain mail!

You will need to open or re-activate your account on SkiRaceReg before you can sign up for this 
season's races. If you already have an account, the account signup pages allow you to review and 
update your contact information, and also to provide current charge card information for charging 
race entry fees.

PLEASE NOTE: The first time you log into your SkiRaceReg account for the season, you'll be taken to 
the signup page "Renew Membership - Far West Masters" with an explanation of the activation process 
for your online account. Please remember that "membership" in the Far West Masters race series on 
SkiRaceReg is only for your race signups; it is *NOT* your annual Far West Masters membership.

There are no fees for opening your account on the system - charges are made only for race entry 
fees at the time a race is held. You will get a charge notification message when your account 
activation is completed, but the amount will be $0 - that's just a confirmation that the system has 
successfully recorded your account information. You aren't being billed for anything yet!

Complete season schedule:

Far West Masters series on SkiRaceReg:

The entry deadline is published for all races and you can enter (or cancel without penalty) anytime 
up to the deadline, which is usually set to provide a one-day setback to allow the race organizers 
to pull entry lists and prepare the race operations computer systems for the event. Entries after 
the deadline or on the morning of a race at checkin are at the discretion of the organizing area; 
day-of-race signups will generally *NOT* be accepted this season - you must be on the start list 
prepared the day before the race in order to compete.

New for the 2015 season, the early registration deadline for all races will be midnight of the 
Sunday prior to the start of the event. After the early registration deadline, there is a $5/race 
late entry fee. The late fee is designed to encourage early signups so that we can plan and prepare 
to put on the best possible event and give everyone a good experience on race day. You can cancel 
without penalty anytime up to the published entry deadline, so there's no downside to early signup 
if your race plans are tentative - just cancel before the final deadline if you con't make it.

Race Entry process (from Fall 2014 Forerunner):

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