[FWM News] Mammoth Schedule Changes

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Sat Nov 29 13:56:34 PST 2014

Due to limited coverage and hill space, our opening weekend races at Mammoth on Dec. 6-7 are being 
changed to two SL races - one race Saturday, with the second SL race originally planned for 
Saturday moved to Sunday to replace the planned GS. It is not currently possible to hold a GS race.

Mammoth's race crew is doing their best to put on our event under challenging conditions as we 
enter another race season with continuing dry conditions. Mammoth currently has a number of runs 
open in the Main Lodge area - Broadway, Stump Alley, Unbound park, Mambo, Saddle Bowl, and Powder 
Bowl are all open, with race training on Andy's Double Gold, and the snowmaking guns are cranking 
out as much as posisble.

We will post additional details on the weekend race schedule early in the week, as soon as evolving 
plans stabilize. For those coming to the Mammoth Masters training camp next week on Dec. 1-5, all 
training will be SL. A mix of free-skiing, drills, and gates will be provided. Meeting time is 
9:30am at the Super Sign in front of the Main Lodge on Monday and Tuesday, with training from 
9:30-1pm. On Wed-Thu-Fri, meet at 9am for drills and gate training until noon. Additional training 
will be available on Friday Dec 5th on ADG from 12.30pm till 2.30pm.

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