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First, don't blame the messenger for your expensive new helmet, which may be a good idea anyway.

Here is the text of a recent announcement from Bill Skinner and USSA about the now off helmet requirements:

"FIS helmet rules for Masters were changed at the recent FIS Council meeting, allowing racers to compete without FIS stickered helmets in FIS Masters competition.
With this change in the FIS rules, USSA has adjusted the requirements for USSA masters helmets so that it is the same as last season. It is recommended that Masters use helmets that meet the new FIS standards for all USSA GS, SG and DH. Helmets must bear a "CE" mark and conform to one or more of the following helmet standards: CEH.Din 1077, ASTM F2040, SNELL S98 or RS98. Helmets which meet the new FIS standard have a sticker affixed that states "Conform to FIS Specification RH 2013" affixed by the manufacturer."

As of the first of November at officials clinics they were telling us that FIS stickered helmets would be required for Masters events.  Last spring we were specifically directed to inform you that new helmets would be required.  I first learned of this change last week, but the information was not clear so I waited for today's USSA Masters Committee conference call before sending notice.

I'm sorry about all of you who recently purchased a new helmet to comply.   In any event periodically upgrading your head protection is probably a good idea. Also remember that the rule requires a hard-sided helmet for all events except slalom, where soft sided ear protection is permitted.

See you soon at Mammoth.


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