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U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters November Update

Masters National Survey

Masters news.

Please take the time to click this link to our "2017 Masters Racer Survey<http://fanmail.ussa.org/ct/9546201:DO32qJQVN:m:1:232026568:BAC70BF7FA5C60C3CBD58CE682127E63:r>" It will be greatly appreciate and help us in our search for sponsorship of events and our sport.

The "2018 Masters Competition Guide<http://fanmail.ussa.org/ct/9546202:DO32qJQVN:m:1:232026568:BAC70BF7FA5C60C3CBD58CE682127E63:r>" is now available on line and I can send you in hard copy if you e mail bskinner at ussa.org<mailto:bskinner at ussa.org> include address to send to.

Here is the latest information on the "2018 Masters National Championships<http://fanmail.ussa.org/ct/9546203:DO32qJQVN:m:1:232026568:BAC70BF7FA5C60C3CBD58CE682127E63:r>" to be held in the east at Okemo, VT, Feb. 6-10. Included is schedule, lodging options, travel information and more. Our 2018 Masters schedule posters have been printed and sent to your divisions. Also available at Frizi's race center at Copper. Thanks to JANS, Fischer, and Leki for production support.

Check out the really cool new shirts being offered to Masters. Positive proceeds go to our divisions<http://fanmail.ussa.org/ct/9546204:DO32qJQVN:m:1:232026568:BAC70BF7FA5C60C3CBD58CE682127E63:r>.

Bill Skinner
U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters Manager


Thanks to our sponsors. They support us-and we support them. Be sure to click on our sponsor links.


Bill Skinner manages the Masters program and produces the newsletters. If you have any questions, email<mailto:bskinner at ussa.org> me.

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