[FWM News] Squaw Valley Bernard Cup, Mammoth SG's

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Sun Feb 28 22:46:16 PST 2010

The Squaw Valley Bernard Cup on March 20-21st is less then a month away 
- time to send your entries!!!!

This is a two day event, but this year we are trying something new at 
the request of longer distance travelers by holding 3 races in two 
days.  Unlike Heavenly, where we have held two races in one day, for 
this event we are having three runs a day.  The first race to conclude 
on Saturday followed by the first run of the second race.  Sunday AM 
will be the second run of the second race, followed by the third 2-run 

A little history: Bob Bernard, a big supporter of Master racing, 
recognizing that even the best 60 and 70 year olds weren't likely to 
beat 40 year olds came up with an age-handicap system to level the 
competition by giving more advantage to the older racers.  You can 
enter any of the 3 weekend races, as always, but the combined Bernard 
trophy will be based on all 3 races.

Go to our website, http://farwestmasters.org, there you will find entry 
forms and schedule information.  Again, please notice for Squaw there 
are 3 races.

There's still time to get your entries in for this coming weekend's 
SG/SC races at Mammoth.  We will have 3 SG races on Friday and 
Saturday, with a training run on Friday before the first race, and a 
super-combi (1 run each of SG and SL) on Sunday.  The Mammoth Race 
department is also offering training on Thursday for all competitors - 
see the "March Events" news posting on the web site for details.

Note also that online registration is available for both Mammoth and 
Squaw races through the AlpineReg.com service.

Reminder for Open class competitors: if you wish to compete in the Open 
class in the Mammoth SG races, you need to indicate that on your race 
entry.  The WOP and MOP classes start after all other women's and men's 
classes, respectively.  OP class is counted in our season scoring, but 
for NSS scoring your race result will be counted in your normal age 


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