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A topic that's very important to all of us is upcoming changes in USSA equipment rules for helmets 
in GS, SG, and DH events. Following up an his article in the February 2015 Forerunner, Hamish 
Butler has pulled together information from USSA and FIS rules to explain the new helmet standards 
that will be required for all USSA competition starting next season, including masters.

Please take a few minutes and read this - safety standards and equipment regulations affect all of 
us competing in masters events and you need to understand the evolving rules. Hamish explains the 
new safety standards required by FIS and USSA and what you will need to look for when shopping for 
a new race helmet.

USSA and FIS Helmet Regulations:

The Far West Masters board has been discussing the new helmet rules and the impact on our members 
and the sport of alpine masters racing. While we strongly support standards that improve competitor 
safety, we also have concerns about the implementation schedule of the new helmet rules and the 
impact on participation by new racers. President Dan Simmons has sent a position paper to national 
masters chairman Steve Slivinski expressing our concerns and requesting additional discussion on 
the timing for phasing in the new rules, particularly for GS. Other masters divisions around the 
country are providing similar input with the goal of supporting a unified position for the alpine 
masters within USSA.

FW Masters helmet rules position statement:

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